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Balls Deep in Misty Meadows

Consisting mostly of Home Footage and Behind the Scenes tapes, Balls Deep In Misty Meadows chronicles Misty’s time at XXX Entertainment Expo in LA during the Summer of 1985 and was released in 1986 on ZetaMax and LaserPlate. Plot While there is not much in the way of narrative, the film consisting just a series of dates and vignettes […]

Brian Breeder

Brian Breeder was the stage name of canine male pornstar Brian Guinness who was active from 1985 – 1997. He has won multiple Awards for both performances and direction. He retired from performing in 1997 but continues to produce to this day.

Dani Delight

Danielle “Dani” Delight was an adult film star, exotic dancer and escort, active from 1982 until her death in 1985. Even though her career did not last very long she was very popular. Due to the expense and limitation of technology available at the time and the limited amount of archiving that was done in […]

Debra Dallas

Debra Dallas AKA Debra Deluxe was the stage name of adult film star Debra Mineo (1960 – 2005) who was active in the late 1970s through the early 1990s. Most well-known for her massive round rump and willingness to do very aggressive and long scenes has led to her being dubbed “the Equine goddess of […]

Drum Doll

Drum Doll aka Into Triple X (Japan & Europe) was a XXX limited release of extensive behind the scenes footage from the Heavy Metal band Ronin featuring Pornstar Misty Meadows and the Bands Drummer Eric Sway. The Film was Released to mixed critical reviews and much controversy over the copious amounts of sex drugs and rock and roll but the […]


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Foxy Fyre

Foxy Fyre was the stage name of retired pornstar Fran Davis. Fyre was active from 1985 – 1991. She left the adult industry to start a family with her husband Paul Davis. Her daughter, Rio Davis would later enter the adult industry. Foxy Fyre appeared in a total of seven adult films: Fox Hunt Sunset Stripped Knot […]

Hampton Harlots

Hampton Harlots is a 1982 Pornagraphic Film starring Monica Jackson, Debra Dallas & was the debut of Misty Meadows. The plot focuses on the mares clubbing and fucking their way across Eastern Long Island’s night scene. Cast Misty Meadows Debra Dallas Monica Jackson

Jab Johnson

Jab Johnson was the stage name of John Jabowski, an adult film star who was active from 1981 – 1995. He is semi retired.

Jenny Jolie

Jenny Jolie was a pornstar who was active from 1985 – 1999. Tight Fit Feline Intent Rat Tapper Hoodrat Cum Holes Bad Ass Bitches of the Night Daddy’s Little Screamer: Vol 2 Getting in Cars with Cats Squeak Toy Wolfnight: Master of Untold pleasures