Lonnie LeBrock

Lonnie LeBrock is a former adult performer active from 1979 until the mid 1990s. She’s best known for her numerous appearances with Shane Rider, Jackson Tower, and her co-stars Misty Meadows, and Debra Dallas. LeBrock is also very well known for her curvaceous figure and ample rump.


Drug habits

During the early 1980s LeBrock developed a habit for cocaine. Appearing on numerous album covers, magazine spreads, and some cameos during the time which glorified the drug of the era. She admitted to experimenting with Heroin in the 1970s but never got a feel for it.


Lonnie was identified in 1992 as the patient zero at the center of a massive STD outbreak and the subsequent Scandal which ended numerous careers within the adult industry including many of her co-stars.

Further controversy

LeBrock was a notorious Drinker and would often times recklessly invite numerous fans back to her room for one-on-one “Q&A sessions” at conventions. This resulted in numerous arrests throughout the 1980s. It is unknown how many of these resulted in the transfer of STDs especially considering the numerous aliases that LeBrock went under at the time.

Drug problems

LeBrock was arrested in 1998 along with several others involved in the distribution of illegal substances including cocaine, PDE, methamphetamines and numerous Rx opiates. She was also implicated in attempting to destroy evidence, and later found guilty of perjury. She was found guilty on all charges and sentenced in 2000. She is currently serving 60 years in Florida’s West State Mammalian prison.

Continued offenses

Even Behind Bars LeBrock is not without controversy, in 2003 she legally released a bootleg sex tape featuring sex with 2 guards that was filmed with a smuggling cell phone during a power outage. Both guards were subsequently identified and fired however in 2007 a follow-up video was released involving both guards replacement. Several other videos materialised featuring other female inmates using improvised strap-ons. A 2014 follow up was announced on social media but never materialized. It is believed the video was intercepted before it could be leaked.