Debra Dallas

Debra Dallas AKA Debra Deluxe was the stage name of adult film star Debra Mineo (1960 – 2005) who was active in the late 1970s through the early 1990s. Most well-known for her massive round rump and willingness to do very aggressive and long scenes has led to her being dubbed “the Equine goddess of anal”.

Debbie Dallas was not a very public figure and did not speak much about her early upbringing other than she was raised by a single mother in South Alabaster Texas .

She begin stripping and working as a VIP escort illegally at the age of 17 in 1977. From 1977 to 1978 she hitchhiked her way from Southern Texas all the way to Los Angeles where she was arrested for prostitution at the age of 18 during a sting operation at the now Infamous cats deluxe hotel.

It was around this time that she encountered Misty Meadows and Jackson tower. Tower at the time recommended that Dallas inquire with his friend Shane Rider about possibly working on camera. Dallas jumped at the opportunity and signed with Pendragon entertainment in 1978 to star in four upcoming films.

Rider cast Dallas immediately in

  • Chocolate cherry poppers 1979
  • Backseat Hustle 1979
  • Big butt bangers 2 1979
  • Panty dropping school girls 1980

Unknown to Pendragon at this time Dallas was also producing her own direct to HSV films under the Alias Debra Di Angello. While the quality is certainly not there Dallas is recognized for having produced some of the earliest handheld video and POV shots in adult film. The content of these films is also considerably difference and more extreme than her later and more professional appearances. She received a great deal of criticism for filming with her fans and additionally would later be fined for not taking the appropriate health and safety precautions for producing adult content.

  • Debra Delight: Grade A Ass 1979
  • Debra Delight: Rump shaking weekend 1980
  • Debra Delight: All day, All night 1980
  • Debra Delight: Tailhole destruction 1980

Do to her rapidly growing popularity Pendragon entertainment renewed Dallas is contract early in 1980.

One of the conditions however was that she would no longer be able to produce independent Productions. Pendragon likely made the stipulation to avoid Dallas has continued use of amateur talent and to avoid from her Contracting an STD.

  • Friday Night Pussy Pounders 1980
  • Bare Assed Mares 1981
  • Tushy Pushin Hotties 1981
  • Getting a Grip 1981
  • Hampton harlots 1982
  • Late Night Mare Pussy 1982
  • Rutt n butt 1982
  • When booty calls 1983
  • Mess Makers 1983
  • Hard workin holes 1983
  • Fun with studs to 1984
  • Wolf nuts for mare butts 1984
  • Wink 1984
  • Tiger nuts for mare butts 1985
  • American Butt Meat 1985
  • Deborah Dallas anal extravaganza 1985
  • Back alley butt stuffers 1986
  • Legendary loads II 1986
  • Hard working holes II 1986
  • Bear nuts for mare butts 1987
  • Bred on the 4th of July 1987

In 1987 Dallas underwent breast enhancement surgery bringing her from a b cup all the way up to a sizable DDD. She relocated to Vegas in mid 1988 where she began capitalizing on her industry Fame by working as an escort through variety Vegas companions.

Dallas made the mistake of allowing a number of her clients to film their sessions, Pendragon entertainment saw this as a direct violation of her contract and she was temporarily suspended from work and legal action was taken almost immediately.

In late 1988 Dallas was sued by Pendragon entertainment though the affair was settled out of court with an a contract negotiation and settlement paid by Dallas for an undisclosed amount. Her final run of films for Pendragon would be produced over the next several years.

  • A modern Girl’s Guide to getting it on 1989
  • Stable mates 1989
  • Bare assed breedings 1990
  • Riding bareback 1991
  • Massive nuts for mare butts 1991
  • American cum junkies III 1991

In late 1992 Debra Dallas tested positive for early-stage systemic immunodeficiency collapse and equine herpes during a routine pre-production screening for the film slut Safari. In addition to an industry scare this generate additional controversy when it was revealed that she had been having numerous sexual encounters off the record with members of the films extended crew. After three months industry lockdown Dallas was blacklisted and several other production members were let go. Later that same year during a pre-production screening for the film Pegasus moment, Shane Rider and Misty Meadows both tested positive for equine herpes type a. Across comparison between blood work taken from Dallas and blood work taken from writer would later reveal that Rider was in fact the patient zero who began the initial outbreak at the studio in August.

Unfortunately Ryder had not been attending the previous two screenings and it is estimated that he directly infected no less than 12 performers and 16 members of staff between 1991 and 1992.

Shane rider was blacklisted in October of 1992. Rider has maintained over the years that he had been unaware of his condition prior to filming however he is still often times blamed with ending an era an American porn.

Dallas removed herself from the public eye at this point. In 2005 she was admitted to St Croix all persons Hospital in LA after suffering a severe aneurysm and stroke while on vacation with friends. Eventually this was traced back to a micro tear in her left breast implant which had seeped into her surrounding tissue, respiratory and circulatory system.

Debra Dallas died in December of 2005 due to complications from surgery in an attempt to treat a second aneurysm she had earlier in the month.