Pendragon Entertainment

Pendragon Entertainment was an adult Production Company formed in 1975 which lasted until 2004. Pendragon Entertainment was originally slated to Publish HTH Studios High Tail Hall and break into the games industry.

Tragically Pendragon Entertainment would suffer a catastrophic financial setback from which they would never recover when a chemical fire completely destroyed the Studio offices and Soundtages. Unable to recover and with most of their catalog in ashes the studio closed its doors in 2005.

In 2017, Crowchild himself acquired & rebranded Pendragon Entertainment as HTH Studios: Retro.

Behind The Scenes

In real life, Pendragon Entertainment was started in 2001 By Crow as a first attempt at founding the production company now known as HTH Studios LLC. Most of the studios work in progress was destroyed after an electrical fire. Pendragon Entertainment was dissolved in 2005. Though not published, Pendragon Entertainment was incorporated into the current Studio backstory and lore in 2014.