Rut N’ Butt

Rut N’ Butt is a 1982 Pornagraphic Film starring Misty Meadows. The plot focuses on 2 stags and 2 mares who get snowed in together while passing through Braxtons Pass, Colorado.



Misty Meadows and Debra Dallas are traveling through the Colorado Rocky Mountains when a snowstorm hits, forcing them to spend the night at a small motel. At the same time, 2 college bucks played by Jab Jackson & Rudy Reigns are in a similar position coming from the opposite direction. The same room gets booked to both couples, however no one is complaining to the manager. The foursome quickly accelerate their intimacy and most of the night is spent fucking each other silly.

After hours of Raw Fucking and many hot sticky creampies both mares are impressed by the bucks combined stamina. Asses in the air they offer the two anal sex to finish the evening off, however this turns into quite a Marathon. Finally spent, they pass out together in the large bed.

In the morning the two couples kiss, say their goodbyes and set off on their own ways. Alexa reveals to Janice that this is her first time with a male from a different species. As they drive away Janice is heard asking if they can try some “Beef” when they pass through Cattle Country.

Meanwhile, Jab and Rudy trade High Fives on their way out of the parking lot. Rudy asks Jab is he is ready to return to civilization. Jab groans and says he’s already feeling pent up again and hopes their girlfriends aren’t in heat anymore when they get back to Campus.

Jab affirms that neither of them wants to get their college girlfriends pregnant but with them both being in heat, this rut it’s driving them both crazy. Rudy points out how amazing it felt to go bareback on a mare with absolutely no worry about that. Both seem to come to the same conclusion at the same time. The car spins around and they eagerly begin following the two mares.