Shane Rider

Shane Rider was the stage name of adult film star Jamal Palmo. Ryder starred in over 60 films and appeared in well over a hundred before leaving the industry in the early 1990s due to Contracting and spreading equine herpes to close to a dozen of his co-stars.

While he still has a small following to this day, he is more widely considered to be one of the main reasons that the Golden Age of porn came to an end in the 1990s.


Rider had gotten into the industry underaged, originally getting work passing as 18 years old in the late 1970s on low budget films featuring the popular school teacher/Naughty boy pairings and originally appearing as Shane Foaley.

After his age was revealed to the producers he was fired, although then quickly rehired and cast as Shane Rider a week after his 18th birthday. Rider had made the company millions and while they were pissed about not being able to release previous Works they didn’t want to kick out one of their early Investments to the curb.

Although he identified as straight Shane was not one to turn down homosexual rolls. Preferring to top, he became well known as a stud within the industry internationally, however some of his earliest Works still features him bottoming to the likes of Karl Hammer & Mark Mater.

Over the years Rider performed in dozens of straight and gay films until leaving the industry in 1992.


Most notably Rider is blamed with ending the careers of both Misty Meadows and Debra Dallas. Rider was forced to leave the industry immediately after it was announced that he had tested positive for several STDs.

Health Concerns

Further investigation revealed that two of his previous blood work examinations had been falsified. Ryder and his doctor would both serve 6 years incarceration.

A seizure of his doctor’s records also provided evidence to several other cases in the industry involving avian blood parasites and exposure to syphilis.

In July of 2005 Rider was stabbed in the throat and killed by a disgruntled fan of Misty Meadows named Victor Waits. Waits plead insanity but this was rejected and he was found guilty of murder.