Stable Mates


Stable Mates was an adult film starring Misty Meadows & Shane Rider released in the Spring 1989 by now defunct production studio Pendragon Entertainment. Publication and Distribution rights for the films remaster are owned by HTH Studios.

Filmed on location at The Rustic Greenfield Estates outside of Casanova New York over the course of 4 days, the film focuses on the amorous activities that occur on a TEL Community run by Shane Rider.

The amount of publicity and attention garnered from the release of stable mates did wonders for the reputation of the Greenfield estate. The estate was able to expand over the next 20 years into the luxurious accommodations available today.


Although not married, Shane Rider, Angie Russo Misty Meadows, & Linda kova were actually breeding during production.

Meadows, Russo, and Kova confirmed in an interview that the entire female cast had been in heat during production. Linda Cova, Angie Russo, and Miaka Kelly all respectively appeared in their next features pregnant.

Although the marketing for the film was tongue in cheek about the “mating” scenes being “all natural”, Kelly was adamant that her Offspring was her husbands and not Shane Riders.

Kelly and her husband would divorce two years later citing ” irreconcilable differences”. In 2006 it was confirmed that Sebastian Kelly was the son of Shane Rider and Miaka Kelly.