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Juicy Treats

Misty Meadows Collars and Trains 18 yr old College Dalmation, Brian Breeder to be her perfect Pet.

Khristina Kerensky

Kristina Kerensky is a retired vulpine adult film star, writer, counselor, activist, and podcast host. Her career was active from 1983 until 1992 when she retired from performing to pursue a career in psychology and as a writer. Over the years she has made guest appearances and cameos in numerous projects

Lonnie LeBrock

Lonnie LeBrock is a former adult performer active from 1979 until the mid 1990s. She’s best known for her numerous appearances with Shane Rider, Jackson Tower, and her co-stars Misty Meadows, and Debra Dallas. LeBrock is also very well known for her curvaceous figure and ample rump. Controversy: Drug habits During the early 1980s LeBrock developed a […]

Madison Mellons

Madison was a bovine adult model and xxx performer active during the mid 1980’s. Well known for her large breasts, ample lactation, and her appearance in pin-up magazines such as American bra breaker and thirstyBoy. Madison abruptly left the adult industry in 1991. Video:Small-town secretsLA escorts 7Bed breakerCountry girl DairyPendragon Entertainment: best of BTSBovine bimbo […]


Heavy Handfuls American Bra Breaker Thirsty Boy Milk Shakers Cowgirl Country

Mariah Masters

Mariah Masters was the stage name of former pornstar Mariah Kingston. Masters was active from 1985 until 1997 and appeared in numerous films. Masters is best known for her appearances in interspecies porn series Southern equine knot jockeys. Masters left the industry in 1997 to pursue other interests. Big assed Urban Mares: Vol 2 Bareback […]

Misty Meadows

Misty Meadows (born Zelda Silvermane; Oct 19,1964 – Jan 5th, 1998) was an Israeli-American pornstar and is often considered to be the “Queen of Interspecies Porn” with a XXX film career spanning 10 years and dozens of XXX appearances from 1982-1992. Misty Meadows is often regarded as one of the most influential performers in the modern Adult Industry. Stars Tanya […]

Pendragon Entertainment

Pendragon Entertainment was an adult Production Company formed in 1975 which lasted until 2004. Pendragon Entertainment was originally slated to Publish HTH Studios High Tail Hall and break into the games industry. Tragically Pendragon Entertainment would suffer a catastrophic financial setback from which they would never recover when a chemical fire completely destroyed the Studio […]


Angie Russo Brian Breeder Bubba Humper Debra Dallas Dani DeLight Darius Long Erica Rossi Foxy Fyre Jab Johnson Jackson Tower Jake Trackmane Jenny Jolie Karl Throbbins Khristina Kerensky Linda Kova Lonnie LeBrock Madison LeVache Mariah Masters Miaka Kelly Misty Meadows Monica Jackson Rudy Reigns Shane Rider Traci Trix Tyrone Roundtree Victoria Andrews

Rut N’ Butt

Rut N’ Butt is a 1982 Pornagraphic Film starring Misty Meadows. The plot focuses on 2 stags and 2 mares who get snowed in together while passing through Braxtons Pass, Colorado. Cast Misty Meadows Debra Dallas Jab Johnson Rudy Reigns Plot Misty Meadows and Debra Dallas are traveling through the Colorado Rocky Mountains when a snowstorm hits, forcing them to spend the […]